Summer School

2017-2018 Summer School Academic Calendar


June, 18-21, 2018

Payment of Fees and Final Registration

June, 25-29, 2018


July 02 – August,10, 2018


August,11-14, 2018

Submission of Summer School Exam Results by the Lecturers

August,11-16, 2018

Single Course Exam (Based on Summer School Exam Results)

September, 03, 2018

Saturdays are included in the classes period.

Note: Those who study at another university and apply for summer school at our university can register between June 25-29, 2018 after taking an approval paper from their home institution.




Summer School Directive

Summer School Course Registration

The students have to pay the summer school fee to Ziraat Bank after course selection.

Students can pay tuition fee through ATMs of Ziraat Bank, through the menu of transaction without a banking card or online banking by using their student ID number.


Other Points to be Considered about Summer School

According to the “Directive about the Education during Summer at Our University”, students are allowed to take maximum four courses on the condition of not exceeding 12 credits or 16 AKTS. If their academic units approve it, the students can select courses from other faculties/schools of higher education/vocational schools or other higher education institutions.